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Cloud-based plugins, like an App Store. If we can’t get you 100% what you want, we’ll get close. And customize the rest.

Web plugins and applications.

Standard and 3rd party apps for kiosk.


Lush PickEm

This plugin allows patrons to enter a sports pick-em game. Currently, our Lush PickEm can be customize to fit almost any sport. A winner is determined after the live games are played.

Kiosk Only

Phi Gaming Inc. 2016.

Based on Patron Cash-In.

Included in software purchase.

Lush F&B Promo

Our Lush F&B Promo is a food and beverage promotion. Restaurants or bars can offer discount vouchers or free meals to patrons that achieve a given milestone set by the casino or gaming licensee. This is customizable to fit any type of on-facility discounts.

Kiosk Only

Phi Gaming Inc. 2016.

Based on Patron Cash-In.

Included in software purchase.

Social Casino

Our first foray into social gaming. Our application is still in testing and will welcome those that want to have fun without gambling. We’re also planning to apply for a gambling license/exemption in a foreign jurisdiction.

Mobile only.

Phi Gaming Inc. 2016.

Based on Patron Points and Ors.

Free. In app purchases.

The Winning Wheel

Patrons get access to spin the wheel when they achieve a milestone set by the operator. The winnings may be in terms of points or a voucher to be used at the facility.

Kiosk Only

Phi Gaming Inc. 2016.

Based on Patron Cash-In, Points or Status.

Included in software purchase.

Online Loyalty Marketplace

Your patrons can exchange their points earned for over 500,000 SKUs. Items are shipped to their home or to the facility as required. No more inventory management, guessing what your patrons want and less issues with carrying points on your balance sheet.

Kiosk, Web and Mobile

Phi Gaming Inc. 2016.

Based on Patron Points.

$2,000 per month, plus value of item.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

We’re currently in the process of working with some amazing talent to allow casino owners to allow augmented and virtual reality from our kiosks. The possibilities are endless. Watch this space.

Kiosk, Mobile & Ors.

Third Party, Shhh.

Based on Patron Points & Ors.


Drawing Made Easy

This application makes drawings easy. The patron logs-in clicks to participate (if it is available to them), then a ticket is printed. Once the drawing is done, the patron gets the reward. Simple.

Kiosk Only

Phi Gaming Inc. 2016.

Based on Patron Cash-In or Points.

Included in software purchase.

Monarchy's Universal Exchange

Monarchy allows your patrons to exchange their points for 200 gift card vouchers, digital currency, gold, silver, platinum amongst other things via licensed third party partners. The exchange provides a redemption link to the patron’s email address.

Kiosk Only

Monarchy, LLC. 2016.

Based on Patron Points.

$1,500 per month, plus 10% of value.

For Developers

Tell us what it is you want to do, build it and get listed on our marketplace. We’ll push it to our kiosks and devices for the client that want your application. Note that all applications must have an administrative module.

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